Friday, August 19, 2011

Well, the raffle is over.

I need those who did comment on that page (since there are only 5 comments) to send me their Email addresses so I can send their one use codes.

Thursday, August 11, 2011

Wysteria - A Retrospective 2nd Week vs 1st Week view

Alright, now many of you know how I love Cheating bosses. Personally, I see no reason with cheating bosses being MANDATORY. In fact, thankfully at the moment the last 3 bosses of Celestia do cheat. Wysteria would have been an excellent source for teaching Lower Levels how to deal with Cheating bosses. However, probably due to much complaining, the cheats that were in the Wysteria Bosses seem to have been removed.

Despite this fact, Wysteria does remain a bit enjoyable.

Cattails, Water Lilys, and KELP Oh my!

So, not only does the Cattail provide Water Lilys, now much like Stone Blocks providing Sandstone and pearls providing Black Pearls, Cattails also provide KELP, which is needed to make Aether.

Monday, August 8, 2011

Real 8th World WYSTERIA

Wysteria - A wistfully good time, will be a challenge to do At Level (Level 25). There are a few cheating bosses in this side world, and as such, they have given people a challenge. We are also introduced to the names of 4 other Worlds.

Future World Clues -
Weirwood - A Fairy & Goblin world (NOT Professor Greyrose's home. She's from Candy World.)
Mirage - A Cat world
Empyrea - Home of Sky-squids
Yago - Helephant home world Cluster

Anyways, back to Wysteria. Wysteria is a world comprised of 3 Zones. Each Zone is 1,000 Crowns. There is Pigswick Academy, Pegasus Place, and Tanglewood Way. If you've been watching Falling Skies, the Space Men from Falling Skies look a lot like the Green Men on Tanglewood Way. Pegasus Place also has the new Legendary Tower (Risk-Reward Structure failed), called the Tower of the Helephant.

Anyways, I've got a raffle I'm opening up on this post. To enter the raffle, just state in a comment what you like most or least about the new Test Realm update for W101. I have 2 Tier 7 and 3 Tier 5/6 Codes to give away from for this raffle. Raffle will end when Wysteria comes to the Live Realm.