Monday, August 8, 2011

Real 8th World WYSTERIA

Wysteria - A wistfully good time, will be a challenge to do At Level (Level 25). There are a few cheating bosses in this side world, and as such, they have given people a challenge. We are also introduced to the names of 4 other Worlds.

Future World Clues -
Weirwood - A Fairy & Goblin world (NOT Professor Greyrose's home. She's from Candy World.)
Mirage - A Cat world
Empyrea - Home of Sky-squids
Yago - Helephant home world Cluster

Anyways, back to Wysteria. Wysteria is a world comprised of 3 Zones. Each Zone is 1,000 Crowns. There is Pigswick Academy, Pegasus Place, and Tanglewood Way. If you've been watching Falling Skies, the Space Men from Falling Skies look a lot like the Green Men on Tanglewood Way. Pegasus Place also has the new Legendary Tower (Risk-Reward Structure failed), called the Tower of the Helephant.

Anyways, I've got a raffle I'm opening up on this post. To enter the raffle, just state in a comment what you like most or least about the new Test Realm update for W101. I have 2 Tier 7 and 3 Tier 5/6 Codes to give away from for this raffle. Raffle will end when Wysteria comes to the Live Realm.


  1. What I like most is the awesome scenery. What I like least is how easy it is. I know that it's for level 25, but still, it's always nice to have a new challenge. Good thing it comes with tower of helephant!

  2. I like the dorm, the best part of it is the furniture I want all that furniture. :3

  3. I like the addition of the level sixty gear and the Tower of Helephant, love those towers! I also like the addition of a quest reward pet the Golden Piggle. What I like the least I'd have to say is the way the streets are set up, guess I'm just a sidewalk kind of a gal. Although of course the overall beauty of the world makes up for that :)

  4. what i love most about the new world are the new characters....Bramble is a hoot, Chester Droors-really now! lol, the greenmen are lanky and creepy-possibly the creepiest monsters yet-love the mustaches, the sweet lil registrar marm has such a kindly granny voice she has :) and the new gear look, yes i like that too. love the look of 'the spiral cup'. I want one. I really do like the look of the furniture and classrooms, lovely.

    the street layout is a little twisty,not crazy about that,although it does have HP hints in it. and it seems there is a LOT more errand type questing that I am not crazy about . I'm dissappointed really, that we got one.more. piggle. honestly, i'd have liked a golden gobbler instead, the piggles are getting tiresome.