Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Recent Activity of the Legendary Theurgist

So I'm sorry I wasn't updating for a few months... Real Life issues, and a temporary Cease of gameplay for a couple of months will do that. Well, here's the lowdown on what I've done over the last month in-game:
Logan Soulsinger has completed every available quest in the Spiral
Talon Ravenbane is Level 56 and about to start the Survey Camp once Celestia Furniture hits Live from Test.
Valerian DreamDreamer is out of the Krokosphinx and is Level 40.
I have farmed out 3 Sea Dragons, and done a bunch of Hatching, with mixed results.
Received a Massive Fantasy Palace from a friend for a late birthday / early Yuletide present
Helping friends through Briskbreeze and Spiral Geographic Warehouse
Crafted a Cosmic Kris and Stellar Signet (each have 208 health, 16% Pip chance, 21% Incoming boost, 20% outgoing boost, Level 58+) requiring having to harvest over 2,400 stone blocks.

Today, I was in Test realm. I finally got to Intermediate Gardener! But I noticed, sadly, my King Parsley plant was no longer with me... No, it hadn't died... The Gnomes ate it and left NOTHING behind! My friend, Anna Rainblossom, reported to me her Silver Trumpet Vine (a Rank 1 Crowns Plant) had FINALLY hit mature, and been able to be Harvested. Her MATURE Harvest for this plant was 300 XP! It took about 5 Days for the Silver Trumpet to go from Seedling to Mature, which means in about a Week (assuming Test is still up) it will be an Elder Plant, ready for her to make the BIG harvest. If the math holds solid, that means in a week or so when the thing hits Elder, she'll get 3,000 XP from it! Total Blades I've received from my HoneySickles: 47.

Tonight, I farmed Cuthalla a bit (Stormriven Pylons), then went to help a friend with the Warehouse. While I was in the Warehouse with Logan and Talon, I was also playing Plants VS Zombies (Epic way to pass the time between rounds if you don't want to watch the animations of the spells!). We slaughtered the enemies, and then I went and filled my potions. Had a conversation with The Pet Master, discussing this and that, and letting him know of my 47 Test Realm Treasure Blades. :) All in all, a good night's work.

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