Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Gardening, Energy Concerns, and PVP does it AGAIN!

Well, sorry for being absent recently. Logan Soulsinger is back again.

Today, we talk about W101's latest Test Realm: Gardening. Gardening is an interesting addition to Wizard101 where you can raise plants in your Dorms and Houses. Level 12 and higher can participate in this new expansion. Plants can give various rewards, and come in a variety of types and sizes.

So far, my favorite plant is Honey Sickle. Honey Sickle take about 1-2 days to Mature, and when you Harvest them, they give Blade Treasure cards. Another 2-3 days to Elder and they give a lot of blades. Honey Sickle give 5 Gardening XP at Mature harvest and 50 at Elder harvest.

From the Crowns Plants I've received, I'd have to say Pink Dandelion is great. It's worth the extra time these guys take for their rewards. A Pink Dandelion takes on average 4-5 days to hit Mature. At Mature, each harvest nets you 20 Gardening XP and usually a High Level Reagent such as Blood Moss or Black Pearls. If they are like other plants, these guys will give 200 Gardening XP at Elder, which is 10 times their regular harvest reward. Crown Seeds can be won from various mobs and bosses around the spiral. I won mine from Maglump (while farming for Sunstone).


The big concern about Gardening at the moment is that it uses a very LIMITED resource: Pet Energy. At Grandmaster you have 48 Energy, at Legendary 53. Of course, with the Beastmaster Set for 3,500 Crowns, you can get an additional 18 Energy raising your Legendary Energy to 71, but only while equipped. If Energy is going to be used for both Pets and Gardening then perhaps KingsIsle could add some Craftable Athame and Rings to Support Gardening. I could imagine one set of them already:

Green Thumb's Trowel
+16 Energy
-2 Minutes Energy Regen Time
Level 55+ Only

Beastmaster's Signet
+16 Energy
-1 Minute Energy Regen Time
Level 55+ Only

PVP did it again... Ruining another fine addition. Low Level PVP has been abused by Polymorph Treasure Cards, and so KingsIsle, in an attempt to stop this Low Level abuse, is doing the following:
1) Polymorph Treasure cards are now No Trade, No Auction
2) Polymorph Treasure cards will not be received as Duel Rewards
3) Astral Archivist Polymorph Treasure cards have a LEVEL REQUIREMENT for purchase.
4) Unstoppable and Gargantuan cannot be Traded

Well, wizards of the spiral, that's all for now. I'll let you get back to your regularly scheduled programs

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