Monday, April 19, 2010

Cannibalizing Your Fansites

Dear KingsIsle Entertainment,
As you well know, it has been a fun time playing Wizard101, but with the new crackdown on Central, I'm getting concerned.

You claim to have our safety in mind, but what is the point of Open Chat, let alone your own forums (which pose a greater risk of account theft, btw) if you cannibalize your Fansites? Your fansites are the BIGGEST source for New PAYING Players!!! Its through fansites and the community on them that people decide if a company and its games are worth continued support.

This banning of Players for stating their Central Names is an even bigger foolhardy move than what you had done in the past with following a Big Announcement statement with a pathetic Teaser! Players should have a right to be addressed by WHATEVER handle they decide to go by, be it Central UserName or some abbreviation of their wizard name! You owe your community an apology for the insult you have given us!

By your logic, anyone who has ever used the 'Subscriber Benefit' of posting on YOUR forums should receive a Permanent Ban because of Sharing Account Information (Username)! Grow up, and use some Intelligence, KI! You partnered with Central last November for the Facebook Fan Danger Hound giveaway and now you slap it in the face!!! I'm ashamed of you!

You have crossed the line of 'Safety' into 'Hypocrisy'. Buckle down on the Moodha be cursed spammers, Boyfriend/Girlfriends, and Scammers, fix some bloody bugs if you've got that much time to be 'worrying' about people using a W101 Approved Fansite user name!!!

I am also posting this on the following thread of Central:

Know that I am still a paying player, but more and more your actions are driving me towards the desire to quit your wonderful game due to Lack of proper management.

Kindest regards and Warmest wishes that I can give right now,
Wizard101 Central User: Ask Johnist

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  1. Good for you, buddy. (1Mudkip88 over at the Central[...oops?]) I saw a comment of yours over at Friendly's blog about the Savior of the Spiral badge. I just wanted to quick let you know that with the new update, they are making it so you only get the badge from completeing the Malistaire QUEST not the duel. So haha noobs!

    Happy Gaming