Saturday, April 10, 2010

April 9th, Day of Arena

Alright, so I log in, and decide to see what my friends are up to. Turns out Gavin Ironblade needed 300 more Arena Tickets. So, it was off to the Arena for me!

I picked up 40 Tower Treasures for him (Later picked up another 75). We did 4 2v2 and 2 3v3 (with Liam Stormcatcher). All of them were in our favor, although 2v2 number 2 was against a Storm Pair that were bolt-happy (Mary Rosepetal & Wolf Thundercloud - Warlord Grandmaster bolters), and 2v2 number 3 was against a pair of annoying Ice GMs (who didn't seem to be packing ANY healing spells other than Pixie, and had very foul language). A lucky little Ressurection Bug on me saved the day for us, so I could heal myself.

Lucky for us, despite facing 2 pairs of 3v3 2 storm, 1 ice, neither Purposefully or accidentally Chain Stunned us! I give mad props to those Wizards, despite having forgotten to copy down names.

All said, we carried the day completely, and Gavin now needs 240 tickets.

Also, I am at 784 rank and saving up for my Commander boots :)

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