Sunday, April 11, 2010

Wow, Saturday was Busy (and Productive!)

So, Productive:
Faced Akuji (x 3, then encore of x1)
Faced Youkai (Minotaur pet dropped to Baby Myth on first shot)
Finished Tree of Life (Baby Myth hit 18, so did Spell Quest)
Faced Bristleback, Shadowcrown, Property Master (no good drops for
Either account)
Faced Gallium Paladin, then again (there are 2 Paladins back there).
Got my Life Deck! Finally yeah!

Taught a new friend a lot about the game, and then did an Ironworks run for LNW dungeon running. After that, I swapped over to Valerian DragonPyre for the Firepower needed in The Spyre.

Baby Myth scored himself his robe from Malistaire this time (now only need 32 Levels for him lol)! YEAH!!!

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