Friday, April 9, 2010

Wha!? Inverted Sky Bug!?

So, last night, I had the oddest thing happen to me. I was helping with The Great Spyre, and brought myself (Logan Soulsinger) and my Myth baby (Valerian DreamDreamer).

Inside Malistaire's Lair, my Main Account had a heart attack! White Sky in DragonSpyre! (Not a new bug for me, just annoying). However, the bad thing about Inverted Sky: Uber Lag! If Logan was Superman, this would be Enhanced Kryptonite! I did RAM refresh (enable/disable full screen), I tried Log Out, I tried 'Go to Commons', and the time the Inverted Sky bug kept coming back immediately. I even swapped Wizards to my GM Pyromancer, and was truly shocked! White Sky had infected GrizzleHeim!

So, by this point it became clear there was only one solution: Restart Main Account. Instead of waiting the nearly ten minutes, Gavin, Roslyn, and Baby Valerian went into battle with a GM Life henchman. The day was carried and Baby Myth had some great loot for the Shared Bank:

1 x Snowcrusher's Mantle of Embers (Level 50+ Fire Hat)
1 x Gurtok Mortis Seal (Level 50+ Death Ring)
1 x Gurtok Everthorn (Level 50+ Life Ring)
1 x Malistaire Drake's Ebony Robe (Level 50+ Death Robe)

Sigh, no Myth gear... Oh well, Baby Myth also now has his Legend Shield and his Tower Shield. Level 16 baby!

As they say: Tomorrow's another day.

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