Thursday, April 8, 2010

Happenings of April 7th

Well, yesterday was actually a very good day. I made some Satyr and Regenerate cards for my Noob Myth, watched Saffron Skycatcher practice for her Head of Class: Fire battle against Nick (... Sorry, Saff, you're gonna end up losing to Nick... after all, He's a Tournament Master.... and vicious with his fire).

Then, I went on a Labyrinth run with my Noob Myth and Roslyn Hawkstone. I need more RAM!!! Both accounts crashed twice, and then I decided it wasn't worth it to log my noob back in. He did however get the Bristleback Thundersword (yeah! Too bad he needs another 30 levels to equip it).

My main account and I got the Singed Deck (FINALLY!) and a second Shadowcrown's Icy Blade. The rest of the drops were Junk. Went to the Bazaar, and bought my Fire Salamander! Yeah me! One less pet to farm for!

And then I realized: It's Midnight!? Gotta be up in 6 Hours, so I went to bed.

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