Monday, April 12, 2010

Sorta Productive Day

So, for the most part, Yesterday was unproductive, although I have to say I got Baby Myth to Level 21, and discovered that you cannot take the MB Zeke quest until you are Level 20.

At the end of the Day, Audi (Aaron Sunfist) was farming Snowcrusher, and after about 8 battles with Snowcrusher, not only did I get a spare Fire GM hat, but I finally managed to get myself some Balance GM boots (Lenora RainbowSword won't need to farm ANYTHING now!) and finally, just as I was going to call it quits, got my GM life boots! Booya! Stitched them quickly into my empty Pilgrim shoes, but I prefer my Dark Purple & Dark Orange Sleuth-stitched Overlord Set more.

So overall, I'd say the day was a success, as I now have over 20k gold on my main Life again.

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