Friday, April 16, 2010

Events of the last few days...

Sorry all for not updating the last couple of days...

So, lets go down the list: 3 days ago: Downloaded all housing object data from Bazaar (BIG MISTAKE!!!) and saw Gavvin's house.

2 days ago: had huge lags on logging in due to patching the Housing Object Data, helped a friend (Alura DragonCaller; CKGWoof on Central) with Helgrind Warren and Hall of Valor (Got a RuneWarden Deck, saved 8607 Gold)

Last night: Helped Woof Power Level her baby Necro (2nd Account) and helped Gavin get a shot at the Firewing w/ Card... Finally redeleted the Housing Object world data wad file... faster loads, still annoying though

Overall, a busy week, what with Mundane Work, and what not.

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