Thursday, December 2, 2010

December 2nd - Idiocy and Test Realm updates

Okay, we've all had issues with noobs and we all have things that irk us. Well, today, I encountered an Epic Noob, a Legendary Pyromancer who refused to stop casting blades, shields, and traps on Cuthalla, despite seeing that it made Cuthalla keep shielding. He also was swearing up a storm... I reported his foul language and when the battle was over, my friend and I changed realms.

Anyways, Talon got some great Level 58 No Trade / No Auction Celestian Stat shoes from Calypso, and she gave Logan a Starfish. That's about it for farming news today.
Now onto the Test Realm. Some big changes occurred on Test Realm today:
1) Unbalance has returned. See Mildred Farseer to learn the Balance Dispel.
2) Energy. Pet Energy has now become Energy. Level 1 will start with 40 Energy and gain 1 Energy every Even Level. This means at Legendary (Level 60) you will have 70 Energy. With the Beastmaster gear you have 88 Energy. It takes almost 15 hours to fill 88 energy. I think it's actually 14 hours 40 minutes.
3) Crowns Seeds are no longer all Rank 1+. You can now buy these Seeds in the Housing section of the Crowns Shop for Gold and Crowns
4) Elder Harvests don't make your other plants disappear anymore! At least, they didn't for me anyways.
5) Inspect Plant is no longer needed, as it is always active as long as you have the Gardening Interface open, and it is now MORE DETAILED.

Anyways, see you all in the Spiral later. It's late, and I'm getting tired.

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