Monday, December 6, 2010

Stormriven Pylons

Okay, so a bunch of people have issues with the Stormriven Cheating bosses at the Pylons. Here's a quick rundown of which pylon summons which.

As you can see, I've labeled the pylons in the picture. For all those who want more information other than just 'which pylon summons which boss' the rest of the post is for you.

Boss: Thunderfin
Health: 3,740
School: Storm (Casts mainly Life)
His Trick(s): Any Rank 4+ spell will trigger a Fire version of Power Nova, complete with Weakness.
Any way around it? Small Spell Deck (X-3 pips), Quench, Single Hit Kill

Boss: Procyon
Health: 7,610
School: Myth
His Trick(s): When you heal, if there are 2 open spots, he gets 2 Fishbot buddies
Any way around it? Spritely pets don't trigger him

Boss: Cuthalla
Health: 5,230
School: Storm
His Trick(s): Gets 1 Tower Shield whenever a Charm/Ward is played, Wraiths on Low Level non Charm/Wards, Heals for 5,000 when hit with X-Pip and Wand Damage, Orthrus when someone Polymorphs, replaces Damage bubbles (other than ones he casts) with Doom and Gloom
Any way around it? Large Spell Deck (4 pip+), no Charms, Wards, Bubbles, or Polymorphs

Boss: Narallor Nightborn
Health: 7,495
School: Moon (Casts mainly Death)
His Trick(s): Gets one Opposite school blade when hit.
2 Storm hits = Orthrus
2 Myth hits = Stormzilla
2 Fire hits = Colossus
2 Death hits = Centaur
2 Balance hits = Wraith
2 Life hits = Wraith
2 Ice hits = Helaphant
Any way around it? Don't hit 2x in a row with same, no DoT spells, use Prisms

Boss: Marcio
Health: 9,255
School: Ice
His Trick(s): Automatically uses Cleanse Charm when placed with a Trap, replaces Bubbles with Doom and Gloom
Any way around it? No Traps or Bubbles; Use Vaporize

Now, after all that, you're probably wondering if there's any good Loot from these guys. The answer is YES! These guys drop the 7 School Wands. Note, the following 'Loot' Section is NOT COMPLETE. This is all from my own experiences getting these items:

Wand Drops - Each boss seems to drop 3 of the 7 Wands.
Balance - Narallor Nightborn, Procyon, Thunderfin
Fire - Thunderfin, Marcio
Ice - Thunderfin, Marcio
Storm - Procyon, Marcio
Life - Procyon, Cuthalla
Death - Cuthalla, Narallor Nightborn
Myth - Cuthalla, Narallor Nightborn

Pendants - Level 52+ (Scorched Talisman is 56+)
Vial of Rebirth - Thunderfin, Cuthalla
Frost Giant's Talisman - Thunderfin, Narallor Nightborn
Nova Necklace - Procyon
Orthrus's Choker - Cuthalla, Marcio
Storm Lord's Pendant - Marcio
Scorched Talisman - Narallor Nightborn

Classic Stat Level 58+ NA/NT Gear
Narallor Nightborn
Wraps of Reverie - Myth Boots
Reckless Runners - Fire Boots
Loop of Legends - Myth Ring
Sub Zero Shroud - Ice Hat
Molten Mantle - Fire Hat
Forsaken Dagger - Death Athame
Volatile Ring - Fire Ring

SPINYFISH - Crowns Pet (NA)
Wicked Mantle - Death Hat
Seraph's Shortblade - Life Athame
Marcio's Snowfall Band - Ice Ring
Claw of the Law - Balance Athame
Ring of Wrath - Death Ring

Euphoric Cover - Life Hat
Loop of the Lawful - Balance Ring
Principle Striders - Balance Boots
Abyss Bodkin - Storm Athame
Willow Walkers - Life Boots
Ring of Rapture - Life Ring
Shroud of Resolution - Balance Hat

Loop of Legends - Myth Ring
Hood of Reverie - Myth Hat
Forsaken Dagger - Death Athame
Claw of the Law - Balance Athame
Ring of Wrath - Death Ring

Wicked Walkers - Death Boots
Seraph's Shortblade - Life Athame

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