Saturday, December 4, 2010

Farming, Late Night Wizards, and Leadership

Well today was an interesting day. I farmed Calypso some, hatched 2 failures in the Hatchery, and then encountered an Account Scammer who was on a Wizard named Logan Frost, offering Cheats to get to Level 60! Needless to say, I reported him (once on each account). After that, I went off to farm some more, this time at Astraeus. Didn't get anything good, so after a while of doing what seemed like nothing (sitting in the commons, reporting people for swearing around filter, and then watching them yell at each other for 'reporting' each other when neither did (Member of the Watch badge was equipped)), I ported to my friends the Stormriders on their Myth and Balance pair. I helped them through Astraeus, Ptolemos, and Mithraya, finishing Celestia for them. I then invited them to join Late Night Wizards, since they love playing Late at night.
Some information on Late Night Wizards:
Late Night Wizards Home Page:
Late Night Wizards Face Book:
Late Night Wizards was founded by Jennifer Pixieblood, and is a group for wizards who play Wizard101 late at night. For over a year she led the group, even founded the new home site for it. After some issues with Wizard101 Central (of which I'm not privy to the details), the group was removed from Central.

Of course, seeing them as the underdog, I decided to keep faith with the Late Night Wizards. Today, Jennifer stepped down as Leader and handed the reins over to Keira Unicornwhisper. Good luck, Keira!

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