Friday, December 10, 2010

Stormriven Pylons 2.0 - Post Gardening

Okay, the BIG CHANGE for the bosses - NO MORE MINIONS!!! Instead, here's the NEW Pylon Boss Schematics :)

Boss: Thunderfin
Health: 9,740
School: Storm (Throws Out of School Life mainly)
Tricks: Fire Power Nova on Rank 4+ Spells
Outsmart him: Small Spell Deck (X-3 pips)

Boss: Procyon
Health: 9,610
School: Myth
Tricks: When you heal, he uses Meteor Strike
Outsmart him: Use Rebirth for healing (Absorb blocks Meteor damage).

Boss: Cuthalla
Health: 8,230
School: Storm
Tricks: Towers on Charm and Ward spells; Orthrus on Polymorphs, 5k Satyr or Wraith when hit with X-2 Pip damage spells
Large Spell Deck (3 pip+), no Charms, Wards, Bubbles, or Polymorphs; Mutate Damage spells that place Traps, Pet May Cast Traps

Boss: Narallor Nightborn
Health: 9,495
School: Moon (Throws Out of School Death Mainly)
Tricks: Gets a blade of opposite school when hit with damage. Hit back to back triggers counter attack.
2 Myth - Stormzilla
2 Death - Centaur
2 Life - Wraith
2 Balance - Wraith
2 Storm - Orthrus
2 Ice - Helephant
2 Fire - Colossus
Outsmart him: Don't hit 2x in a row with same

Boss: Marcio
Health: 11,255
School: Ice
Tricks: Removes Traps, Replaces Bubbles
Outsmart him: No Traps or Bubbles; Vaporize; Mutate Damage spells that put up Traps, Pet May Cast Traps

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