Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Editing Wizard101

Okay, again, changes have been made to the game, and while some are good, some I do not and cannot approve of.

The following changes have been brought to my attention this morning after maintenance:
1 - Pixies on plants no longer prevent harvesting. (Good change)
2 - Plants are showing up as likes properly (Good change)
3 - Plants are no longer Super Effected by 'Hidden Likes'. This means that their secret liked items will not force your plant to be able to be harvested every 3 Hours. (I can live with it)
4 - The Grotto Bosses Cuthalla (3+ Pip spells) and Eeglis (X-3 Pip spells) no longer cheat. (Hate this change!)
5 - You automatically remove your mount when entering the Gardening interface! (I can't understand the purpose of this)
6 - The Pylon Cuthalla's Tower Shields got boosted up to 90% again. (LOVE IT!)

Anyone else find any changes?

1 comment:

  1. I completely get the reason for #5. My Gryphon was completely getting in the way of gardening. Its much better now with this change. :)