Thursday, December 9, 2010

Gardening in Live, Pest Report, Farming, and LNW News

So everyone who's a member of the Spiral and pays attention knows Gardening, the new System Upgrade for Wizard101, has gone Live. This is a very decent update, and if you keep your garden to a few plants, you can still train pets as well.

Gardening rewards are very nice, and for a very detailed and informed post on the basics of gardening, check out Paige's Page for all the information. She's a professional, so listen well to her.


Beneficial Pest - Pixie (Rank 1 Pest)
Information Source - Arthur Wethersfield (KingsIsle Home Programmer), via W101Central
Pixie's are a beneficial pest. Plants like them and they make the plant grow a little faster. While the plant has pixies they can't get other less friendly pests. Pixies will eventually leave the plant.

Right now pixies aren't showing up as a like when you mouse over a plant but that's a bug of the programming kind.


Now back to Farming of the standard MMO kind (Battling the same enemy type over, and over, and over again)! Good news to report for crafters: FISHBOTS DROP SANDSTONE AND SUNSTONE! Also, for those interested in Gardening, I've got news as well. King Parsley and Pink Dandelion Crowns Seeds are available as drops in the Labyrinth, Silver Trumpet Vine Crowns Seeds are dropped in Celestia by Fishbot mobs and bosses.


Of course the Latest news for Late Night Wizards: The Forum is up and Operational!
Late Night Wizards

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