Friday, December 17, 2010

Gardening with Large Spells

Gardening with Large Radius spells - as you can see from the picture above, you can use a Large Radius gardening spell to care for 36 or more small pots and/or Plots. Aim at the gnome in the center, and one Pest control spell will get rid of every pest, one large care spell will take care of all needs of that type.

For those interested in the math behind this: 36 Needs * 3 Energy = 108 Energy, while 1 Large Radius spell is only 15 Energy. Therefore, if you are caring for a minimum of 6+ plants with the same needs when you use a Large area spell, you are using LESS energy than if you use the small spell on each one.

Remember -
Small - 3 Energy (Covers 1 Plant)
Medium - 8 Energy (Covers 9 Small Pots)
Large - 15 Energy (Covers 36+ Small Pots)

Also, when gardening with Small or Medium, it is better to use Pots over Plots because of Energy Conservation. Enchanted Soil - Move plot = 4 Energy (1 Plow, 3 Enchant Soil), Regular Soil - Move Plot = 2 Energy (1 Plow, 1 Soil)

We should also thank the Chillanthropist (Kevin Battleblood) for his testing of distance for Likes. A Liked object can be 8.5 Small Pots away from the plant it is liked by.

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